Kenyan Media vs Kenyan Music

I am writing this article as a great fan of Kenyan music and Kenyan musicians. There is a lot of great music being made in the country and a great improvement has been seen this year especially in terms of content. I would love to commend;
 MDQ's Squad
 Timmy Dat
 Sauti Sol
 H_Art The Band
 Eko Dydda
 Le Band

To me, these are artists who have gone out of their way this year. They did international collabos, great quality videos, performing show after show and just making sure they have remained relevant, it is not easy.
Though, I feel like the media in Kenya is really pulling these musicians behind.  They channel their energies in the wrong direction. They feel like a gossip story is better than a real story. Let us take an example of Khaligraph, he has worked so hard this year, chucking hit after hit, but all these almost went down  the drain with one story about him Bleaching. Really guys?! How is this even an issue?
Image result for khaligraph jones
                                                         Photo Source: Instagram
This story went on for about a month, all media houses were busy acting as the CIA and FBI trying to figure out whether he really bleached or nah. People are focussing more on non issues and delving much into people's personal lives. I understand that once you become a celebrity, it's normal for you to become other people's business, but also people need to understand that the same people are not different from them, they have feelings too. There is so much to focus on as a country and industry at large
At the same time this bleaching narrative was happening, there were other artists who had new jams and I felt like we should have focussed more on giving them airplay and other national issues, someone should have been busy foreseeing the Plastic bags ban, though I thank God that the Tekno Concert in Kenya  went down, it should act as a lesson to our media houses and revelers at large.                        
                                                  Photo Courtesy of SDE Kenya

We have enough talent here in Kenya we also have the resources , let's help each other put our music on the map. If we do not respect our artists, musicians from other countries will keep coming here and continue delivering crappy shows thinking we are used to that.
This also goes to our dj's, you better steer this ship because you are also big shareholders in this industry.
Issa wrap!

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