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Who Is King

What seemed to have ensued as a Small Lyrical beef has become the talk of the city and everyone seems to be a waiting for the crowning of the King of Hiphop in Kenya.Now I will not lie to you that I am a Hip hop fan...noo. In fact anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Afro beats,some bit of Kapuka and Conscious music and so I really have no Idea about what this whole beef is about. Yesterday I was listening to a show by Adelle Onyango named #UrbanAfrica [you should listen in].It's a show that plays purely African Jams and Bamzigi was asked about "Who is King"Well I can't remember his exact words but his answer got me thinking, is it really the Lyrics that make someone the King in this Hip hop world?It takes a whole lot for one to be at the Top of the food chain. My list is not Consensual but I think according to me, its not about the lyrics. .. Check out my list in order ...from the bottom4.OctoThis guy fell off from the race before things heated up, a friend…

The Sorrows of Online Roasting

If you are a WhatsApp fan and you are really into groups like me, you are probably familiar with the terms "beef" or "roast" and there is another one "Toast"...This terms majorly circulate among Beef and they relate well.So in the Internet world if you have a beef with someone, you will either get roasted or toasted by them . Though there are people who have pleasure in beefing with ordinary members, friends, admins and CelebritiesThere are many factors that create beefs among group members, factors I would really like to mention but I can't. .Recently just a few days ago, I was roasted real good by a bunch of rejects from different groups, And I must compliment their skills in the mastery of the's like people are paid to abuse other people.
I did not take keen interest but I felt for people with low self esteem, I placed myself in their shoes and wondered how they really felt . Sometimes it is not good to take out your frustrations on pe…