The Sorrows of Online Roasting

If you are a WhatsApp fan and you are really into groups like me, you are probably familiar with the terms "beef" or "roast" and there is another one "Toast"...This terms majorly circulate among Beef and they relate well.So in the Internet world if you have a beef with someone, you will either get roasted or toasted by them . Though there are people who have pleasure in beefing with ordinary members, friends, admins and Celebrities

There are many factors that create beefs among group members, factors I would really like to mention but I can't. .Recently just a few days ago, I was roasted real good by a bunch of rejects from different groups, And I must compliment their skills in the mastery of the's like people are paid to abuse other people.

I did not take keen interest but I felt for people with low self esteem, I placed myself in their shoes and wondered how they really felt . Sometimes it is not good to take out your frustrations on people who have no hand and Idea on what has happened in your life in the recent past.

The Internet has turned to a harbour of bullies with no regard over what other people feel. If you are getting roasted, take a chill pill, don't reply to their texts and if you really have to, then just laugh...laughter is the best medicine and you will see them pick up their stones and leave you.

But for the squad, I will not tell you to stop...I will not tell you to try and picture what you would feel. ..but I would tell you to do what you think is right, days are

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