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Young Sponsors United

Now, the last thing I would want, is to be called a chauvinist, either male or female, but please save me that title. I do not intend to paint men in bad light, even in My previous articles,it's  just that Men, like All Africans, have a great deal of stories worth being shared.
Today, let us try and focus on matters affecting us currently, I don't know if you get affected on a personal level, but I don't. I also don't know why something that doesn't affect you, should bother you?
Just recently, a few days ago my good friends Jeff Mote and Chipukeezy, hahaha relax, I know big people.
Well, they came up with a Union and dabbed it;
-Young Sponsors United...You don't have to be rich, as long as you have potential... A very brilliant Idea, aimed at helping broke men or young sponsors with ideas on how to tackle this new Sponsorship Crisis.
A great deal of men out there are suffering from depression, due to such issues, and I think sometimes, ladies are not fair to …


Well, it has reached a point in time when Women and Children are no longer the endangered species but Men and men only, yes, you better believe me. I'm not very good at keeping stats so if you've been watching the News for the  past few years, you are at liberty to preach to me on Twitter @n_Crique about the cases on Husband Battering and Cutting off of their White Gold Factories. If you are a man try putting yourself in this situation.
Meet someome who treats you soo well, you fall inlove, he proposes, you get bought to his family, as you are struggling to be fully accepted to his family, you give him children, Though you still go to work, but before that , every morning, you have to make sure that the Children are up and all clean for school, get back to the house in the evening cook for your family, do the dishes and laundry, help them with their homework. I mean, You barely have time for yourself because you took a vow at the altar.Then imagine you are married to someone …


I guess, if I ask you today who a friend is, you'll probably tell me that a friend is someone who is always there whenever you need them. Which is true because that is the context in which we were brought up in.
To believe that someone has to be there to offer a shoulder whenever we feel really down trodden. People were brought up differently and in my case, I was a last born for quite a long time, so my only friends were my parents who rarely took account of the things I told them. I was never in good terms with my siblings because for quite a long time, I was the "Kameme" ,nothing would be seen in my eyes and ears yet fail to pass through my Mouth. I would literally report every single detail when my parents came back in the evening.
So this made me become very drawn back. I rarely talk to people about issues concerning me, and then to make matters interesting, I'm a trained Psychologist and Counselor, hence I get to listen a lot than talk. So when friends open up …