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Ladies, Know Your Zone

I was doing dishes when this random thought came to my mind, some men have turned their relationships to Contracts, that may end at any time and that has to work under certain  terms and conditions.
For the ladies, they have deviced survival tactics that help them meet the harsh economic times we are facing as a country, Top of the Tactics is the "Zones" .
A lady can and will zone you with whatever you put to the table whenever you first meet.
Airtime Zone, Ride Zone, Date Zone, Mpesa Zone, Tickets Zone, Terrific Tuesday Zone , Fuck Zone ,Sponsor Zone among many others. And she will never ask for anything other than what she has zoned you in, but I can see men picking up this trend quite impressively, they also have zones for their ladies. Mboch Zone (maid) So my dear lady reading this, you are in a relationship with a man, and you suggest for a meeting or a date. Then he tells you to go over to his house to catch a movie, but since you love him and his your boyfriend, you …

Who is to Blame for Babies born out of Wedlock?

Ever seen a lady carry a pregnancy for 9 whole months but with no man behind her.
Okay literally, no one takes her to the clinic for Antenatal visits, no one helps her up the stairs, no one carries her bag of groceries from the market. She's basically all alone through the whole pregnancy term. I'm saddened by this.
I know my Good Friend @MuneneTheBlogger told me to avoid bashing out men on my blog,  but can someone please explain to me why a person Would plant a seed and let it grow all alone. They don't watch over it during the germination and budding period, they don't water it, they don't even weed the seed.
I also don't understand why a woman would trust a dodgy man enough to the extent of having a child with him. But again, I blame the current generation because men lie in the name of love just to get laid, then dissappear after the beauty wilts away. Young people believe that, the only way to get to each other's hearts is through their Pants. And a…


I think everyone has the right to have a crush, build castles in the air, fall in love and get married then make kids of their own but on the other hand, people in some professions make it so hard for them to find love. Journalists, Politicians, Pastors and even Policemen . Since I have never had the chance to interact deeply with either of them, I chose not to write about them. I love bloggers, I love reading articles on different topics by different bloggers from different parts of the World. They have different ways of writing but trust me they are all the same. Both ladies and Men alike and if you happen to be dating a blogger I'd advise you to always stay on their good side. They are Very Open. They are the most free willed and open people who you will ever come across. I mean they can not hold out any information on you if you are in a discussion or seeking advice on anything. Now this only proves to you how open they are on their articles. For example he writes about... &qu…