I guess, if I ask you today who a friend is, you'll probably tell me that a friend is someone who is always there whenever you need them. Which is true because that is the context in which we were brought up in.
To believe that someone has to be there to offer a shoulder whenever we feel really down trodden. People were brought up differently and in my case, I was a last born for quite a long time, so my only friends were my parents who rarely took account of the things I told them.
 I was never in good terms with my siblings because for quite a long time, I was the "Kameme" ,nothing would be seen in my eyes and ears yet fail to pass through my Mouth.
I would literally report every single detail when my parents came back in the evening.
So this made me become very drawn back. I rarely talk to people about issues concerning me, and then to make matters interesting, I'm a trained Psychologist and Counselor, hence I get to listen a lot than talk. So when friends open up to me about their issues, I fail to do the same on my side, or maybe it's because I'm yet to find that person who is worth the listening ear. Anyway enough of that, I was talking about friends.

Well I've got very many friends, with different characters, abilities, talents, behaviors and attitudes. ie
I have a friend who is very Arrogant, I mean, nothing literally moves her, what she thinks is all that matters to her, Another one is very proud, she'll make you apologize for her mistakes, she's the know it all between the two of us.
I have another friend who is very sensitive, the slightest prick on her feelings will send her to write you very long messages, and she's also very apologetic,she never likes it when we are in bad terms.
Another friend is very unresponsive, he'll reply to your texts after long hours and the only way to communicate is maybe via Phone calls. I am writing this here because I know maybe two or none of the above stated friends are going to read this, and it's okay with me because I wouldn't have a case to answer, but I wouldn't want to leave out the fact that all these friends also have their good side, the side I look at when I think of them, the side other people who don't know them, will not look at. That side that makes me hold on, because friendship is not all about having fun times always and failing to argue just because you dont want to be in bad terms, but Friendship is all about understanding each others flaws and being able to synchronize with them, being able to accept each other and learning to live with their good and bad side.
Even if you argue daily, get to the bottom of it and be happy.

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