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Your Breakthrough Hour will Come

Noreen Crique
They say that you will always get what you work
for, but what happens when You put in quite too
much of your effort on something and end up
getting nothing. Always studying for your exams but
you get you average Mark ,a C+ .Do your hair,
Polish your nails, make up and all that but your
boyfriend never notices. Or maybe you are the guy who
buys lunch, Airtime, tickets, picks and drops her
and after all this, she dumps you or worse puts you
in the Friend Zone.That aside,perhaps you are the
artist/producer who spends all your time in the
studio and after releasing a song ,it doesn't hit,
let alone gaining airplay or that poor actor/actress
overflowing with Talent, who has gone to all
auditions in Nairobi, From Alliance Francaise to
Phoenix, to The National Theatre and still didn't
get anything but the same faces on our Local
Content Programmes. It's even much frustrating
for that person that has sent their CV to over 50
organizations without a single Call back.