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#SheGot5ve 21/02/2016

Verse5ve's first event of the year - SheGot5ve is set to be held on the 21st February 2016 at the August 7th Memorial Park. This particular edition is dedicated to the only love month with a lined up to rock the stage are Deejays. A total of six top christian urban performing acts of our time are lined up to perform . Their performances? Nothing short of electrifying. Advace Tickets are going for Ksh 200 and Gate charges will be Ksh 300. Showcasing two rappers and a kenyan based ethiopian soulful singer, this edition is pitched to be nothing less than an epic start for this particular year. Our resident deejays; DJ Sanch (Homeboyz radio’s and K24’s) and DJ Double O (Kubamba Krew’s) will be hosting Multiple Groove Award Winner Kriss Erroh, kenyan based ethiopian singer Daggie Ethiokenyan, Rapper-Poet-BeatBoxer, Nasara who recently launched his debut album and a surprise artist on this urban music journey that will take you across countries, genres and cultures alike. The selected …

Wife Begins at Dinner

Here is a Valentine's weekend plan for you.Heartstrings Kenya once again proved
themselves to be masters of physical comedy
with their  production of Wife Begins at
Dinner, starting with Cyprian Osoro’s rigorous
exercise workout that was energising,
accelerating and an excellent warm-up to a
highly animated and witty show.
It’s an apparently fluff story about the hazards,
pitfalls and liabilities of the ‘come-we-stay’ style
of coupling that’s so popular among young
Kenyans today. It’s a hoot of a high-energy
comedy that puts the would-be ‘husband’ Cyprian
in the thick of a make-believe matrimonial mess.
He’s a supervisor in a company whose boss
intends to come see him at home, supposedly
for a simple get-together but really to inspect
the ‘moral uprightness’ of his manager since his
rule is all his supervisors must be legally
Of course, Cyprian is not. His live-in honey Helen
(Marclyn Adhiambo) has been with him for two
years, so when he ‘pops the question’, she goes


This is an article by STEVE GAVANA, a candidate in the upcoming SONU elections vying for a post in Faculty Rep Module OneTHE POLITICS OF THE FEW MANY.
The greatest moment in the life of an individual is when they step out of their former state of miplaced thinking and diet and experience renovatio that serves to emancipate them from the "what is in it for me?" attitude into a more civilised form of life that entails societal co-existence. The loop of change that any yeoman would love to witness, is the magnanimous shift from the lower politics of self-interest into the messiah of politics which is the politics of the people by the people for the people. Measured in the scale of paradigm shift it escalates to the heights of the early church, don't ask if you don't know.The political mambo jumbo that dismisses this approach is of a very retrogrresive stand, I must say.Many of our political pins swing their hands in the open pervy effort of making publicity stands and n…