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This is an article by STEVE GAVANA, a candidate in the upcoming SONU elections vying for a post in Faculty Rep Module One

The greatest moment in the life of an individual is when they step out of their former state of miplaced thinking and diet and experience renovatio that serves to emancipate them from the "what is in it for me?" attitude into a more civilised form of life that entails societal co-existence. The loop of change that any yeoman would love to witness, is the magnanimous shift from the lower politics of self-interest into the messiah of politics which is the politics of the people by the people for the people. Measured in the scale of paradigm shift it escalates to the heights of the early church, don't ask if you don't know.The political mambo jumbo that dismisses this approach is of a very retrogrresive stand, I must say.

Many of our political pins swing their hands in the open pervy effort of making publicity stands and nothing in the sense of the interest of the people come out of it. Consider for instance, our very own campus politicians in the many terms. They can go to the extends of quoting manifestos that are way off  their jurisdiction like constructing roads and reducing school fees just to creat the cockamamie of an impression that they purpose to serve the people, the shadow that draws the mass to them, step out of it! A contagious deformed modus operandi. A terrible calamity of delusions grandeur has striken the thinking of this breed of leaders of self-interest backed by their band wagon of individuals whose compos mentis is of great questionable standards. Honestly, how do you end up in the line up of the person who thinks the least about you?

They always dismiss me as an idealist of the perfect world but hey, wait a minute, is it just about some people? The people branded more equal than others. The miscreants who belive in only their clothing and bellies? NO! There has been a misdemeanour modicum in the acceptance of our political leaders and that is identity. It has been a very discombobulating factor if I may say. It is high time we step up as a people and wave a goodbye to the political mollycoddles and think about the greater good of the people. Time to call for the armagedon of the moiety representation of the people and create the wave of movement towards the politics of the greater good of  the people.  It is time to wade the murky waters of
the ideal politics of truth, give it a shot!

Getting to the zenith of my stand on this, I would like to first present an illustration of our  national state politics which for a long time has left me baffled and vexed in the same measure. In the acclaimed national representation of the people, the interests of the same people who the system of our leadership claim to represent have been submitted to the abbaittor of selfishness. Our representatives, I choose to call them that because that is what they truly are, provide us with such high hope of better service and means of livelyhood but in the true sence the blitz from which this drive emaniates is the deep rooted pestiferous desire to have their own personal lusts placated, that is why for over the five decades of the independence of our country no solid good has come out of it.

The students of our highly rated academic institutions have continued to suffer at the immerciful hands of misrepresentation. The spirit of the comradeship is dwidling because of a discourse in the modus of how our greviances are handled, we place our hard earned time to draft needs and a channel through which we anticipate an agreement to be reached and behind our backs these individuals of very wanting scholarstic rungs who we elected into the office of representation hawk our demands in the stock market of the administration for a few pennies that can’t be marched against the price of a packet of match box in the real market, ati pesa za “madondo” iliwanyamaze and our needs are gewgawly casted aside.
I won’t circumlocute around this any more, here it comes. It is time to cut the Gordian knot and make the step to dump these gormandizers into the abyss! It is the right positioning of the clock arms for the people to step up for the people. It is time the people are heard!
We the people!

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