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Number One By Le Band and Suzziah Lyrics

Mi nuh go pluck your flower no
I'll let you bloom to the waters of my fantasy
Let your soul feel this harmony
Push it closer call it a zoom let me ignite every part of you
Spell it out mama tell me what you feeling
Let my actions be what your thinking
(Coz you taste like sugar and spice and everything nice
Close your eyes i'll make you realize
your winning in life, your winning in life) x2


Call me your number 1
Baby you can call me your superman
Chochote utatakaa nitakupa ma
Your my girl
Call me your number 1
Baby you can call me your supergirl
Chochote unataka nitakupa, nitakupa
Your my man


I wanna climb to the top of the mountain
Let you cruise on this endless sea
Open up the windows to your soul
I want you to see what you do to me
Watch my spirit melt into your arms
Freeze this time so we'll never be apart
Baby I know you're comfortable under my skin
So don't let go, pull me close
Let the energy flow from my head to my toes
Light this spliff, let'…