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RIP Linda Wanjala...Gone too soon

I'm jotting this post today a very sad  lady. Sad, confused and shocked.I have lost a friend, former school mate, an age mate and someone I respected as an Achiever and go getter.It has been two days since the news was broken to me by a friend named (Cyrillah).I can remember when she texted me
"Linda Wanjala is dead"
I replied
Because I thought she was joking and I wondered why...but later on I went to read the conversation on our group wall and tears did not stop rolling down my cheeks. I then started asking my self a series of questions.It did not seem this time no one knew the cause of her death and some part of me kept telling me it's not true...On the previous day,Tuesday, we had met over pizza (me and some of my schoolmates) just to catch up and have fun times, but none of us new what laid in store for us the next day . We even planned on how we were going to dunda on Friday but, today we plan on how we are going to visit ou…

The Art Of Forgiving

Now if you went to the same school with me you are familiar with the term "Booking Sheet".
Lemme explain this to those of you who don't have an Idea...A booking sheet is an Ordinary  piece of paper that used to be given to Prefects in our school. They used this to secretly record any mistake done by Us...The ordinary students.I might not have been lucky enough to be among them but I got a chance to be their favourite culprit.
If you have spent some time around me and you can stand to say you know me, the first thing you will probably say is that I am talkative and I agree ...Noreen Crique is a Bright,Chatty and Extroverted lady who loves expressing her self.

I used to be booked for all sorts of mistakes Noisemaking, Jumping the Queue (yes jumping not cutting), Bullying form ones, Howling and even Sleeping in Church. I never used to mind all these mistakes coz some were false but what stroke me is ...One day Noreen Kituyi was sick,ill, unwell yanii... just add all the wor…

Signs that someone is about to fall inlove with you.


Things that make people kill each other in relationships

Well, probably you have watched the news and couples are killing each other,apparently with different reasons. ..I came up with a few reasons why they do this...
1.People love with their heart. Well, the greatest mistake you can ever make is to love with your heart. People don't understand me when I say this but it is true, if you love someone with your heart, you would do anything to protect your love by buying expensive gifts, giving extra attention and even killing them.

2.Cheating. If a couple kills each other because of infidelity, it has to be because of my number one reason...loving someone to a point where them cheating on you is a Non-issue. You get too engulfed in the feeling that at any point your partner cheats, it becomes unbearable for you.So people end up killing each other.

3. Break Ups  People who are rooted into their love can not be shaken,even by betrayal, but if a plane goes south and they end their relationship, one of the partners will be left in grief...Th…