The Art Of Forgiving

Now if you went to the same school with me you are familiar with the term "Booking Sheet".
Lemme explain this to those of you who don't have an Idea...A booking sheet is an Ordinary  piece of paper that used to be given to Prefects in our school. They used this to secretly record any mistake done by Us...The ordinary students.I might not have been lucky enough to be among them but I got a chance to be their favourite culprit.
If you have spent some time around me and you can stand to say you know me, the first thing you will probably say is that I am talkative and I agree ...Noreen Crique is a Bright,Chatty and Extroverted lady who loves expressing her self.

I used to be booked for all sorts of mistakes Noisemaking, Jumping the Queue (yes jumping not cutting), Bullying form ones, Howling and even Sleeping in Church. I never used to mind all these mistakes coz some were false but what stroke me is ...One day Noreen Kituyi was sick,ill, unwell yanii... just add all the words that would make you get convinced that I was really sick that day, I had spent a day and a half at the Sanatorium but when the booking sheet hour came which used to be right after the Remedial classes at 7:40pm. .I was Called to the teacher's lounge or as we used to call it...  "the staffroom"...Three Prefects came to pick me up and Trust me I had been booked for 3 mistakes
1 .Bullying a form 2
2 . Howling in the Dining Hall
3.Making noise during parade

It's only after this 'Crimes' were read that it rang on my mind, Sabotage was at its best. All this time I had been taking punishments for mistakes I didn't commit.Mind you on this day I was at the Sanatorium, I had my meal there not in the Dining hall, I did not attend the parade and I had not been in contact with anyone apart from the nurse and my desk mate who brought me a new pair of uniform to change.
It's never fair how people in power treat their subjects, I used to be punished daily by cleaning the Administration Block veranda, the staffroom and worse,washing toilets.I have been through the roughest all through my high school life in the hands of Prefects, but I realised that holding this back will only hurt me, I used to talk about this story with so much bitterness, but the moment I let go and Forgave them, it's now like a joke.

Sometimes we hold things back and they only end up to hurt us, letting go should be a priority if you want happiness. ..

Have your self an awesome weekend


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