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Every Dog has its Day, well I am not terming anyone as a dog, but just referring to my proverbs and wise sayings.There is no way, recurring on a seat is going to happen at this young level in the society, then these are the same people who we are going to vote for as our presidents and continue regretting forever, something close to what is happening in Uganda. Babu has been on the seat for three years now, but there are issues that have never been addressed let alone talked about.
In a recent interview with Mike Jacobs, a Student and Running mate to Babu Owino, I asked him to tell me what he thinks has not been addressed in the past three years and happens to be a great concern to students . I was shocked by what he told me because, these are the things that should come as First hand priorities but have been neglected just because people are tired of coming out and talking about them openly.Accommodation. I'm a witness to this, The condition of the hostels is POOR and pathetic, …