Signs that someone is about to fall inlove with you.

Sometimes we meet people in our lives and how they behave toward s us may prove to be rather alarming.At times they are just happy to have met you and most of the time they might just be falling in-love.Here are clues to help you figure that out...

1. Constant Check-ups
Well, if you just met someone and they keep calling or texting you, just to see if you woke up

Well, if you’ve had lunch or how your day went, this person is either falling in love or looking to

Get laid. They will propose for meet ups, and go out of their way just to impress you.

2. Possessive over you.
Basically this is the type that is soo proud of having you around them. Especially male friends. If 

You meet his boys for the first time; he will most probably introduce you as his girlfriend or his 

‘Wife’ as they like to.
3. Always hates on the person you are dating.
If you are in a relationship, by now you have most probably come across this type, a dude will try to make a move on you and when you tell him you are in a relationship he will try as much as he can to make sure he finds out who this is that discovered the gold mine before him. Now that is just step one because his joy will be in finding out that the two of you are having issues, then from there the hate will come in. You will start hearing statements like I wanted to tell you that he is not a nice guy but …..” and all that stuff.
4. The way he looks at you.
A person who is about to fall in love with you, or a person who is already in love with you will look at you in

a rather compromising manner, their eyes will look still and almost tearing…sometimes you find them staring

 at you…in the good way I mean’. They will steal glances at you and always look at you when you are 

not aware.

so next time you realize a person is having the above issues…run or stay depending on what your heart is telling you.
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