Things that make people kill each other in relationships

Well, probably you have watched the news and couples are killing each other,apparently with different reasons. ..I came up with a few reasons why they do this...

1.People love with their heart.

Well, the greatest mistake you can ever make is to love with your heart. People don't understand me when I say this but it is true, if you love someone with your heart, you would do anything to protect your love by buying expensive gifts, giving extra attention and even killing them.


If a couple kills each other because of infidelity, it has to be because of my number one reason...loving someone to a point where them cheating on you is a Non-issue. You get too engulfed in the feeling that at any point your partner cheats, it becomes unbearable for you.So people end up killing each other.

3. Break Ups 

People who are rooted into their love can not be shaken,even by betrayal, but if a plane goes south and they end their relationship, one of the partners will be left in grief...The memories, good times and the love will traumatise them and the only thing in their mind then will be the fact that... "if he/she can't be with me, then it's no one else"

4.Simple Fights

Couples, especially old couples...and by old I mean those who have been dating for a while, tend to be in constant argument. They never seem to agree on anything, from the colour of the News anchor's dress to the club they'll hit come the weekend. This may sound normal but it causes people their lives. some little advice for you ,If at all you are single and there's someone you are eyeing on...try not to convince your heart that you are in love but your head....spare your heart the heartache during the actual breakup and train your head to do the loving...leave your heart to the right person who deserves it.
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