Young Sponsors United

Now, the last thing I would want, is to be called a chauvinist, either male or female, but please save me that title. I do not intend to paint men in bad light, even in My previous articles,it's  just that Men, like All Africans, have a great deal of stories worth being shared.
Today, let us try and focus on matters affecting us currently, I don't know if you get affected on a personal level, but I don't. I also don't know why something that doesn't affect you, should bother you?
Just recently, a few days ago my good friends Jeff Mote and Chipukeezy, hahaha relax, I know big people.
Well, they came up with a Union and dabbed it;
-Young Sponsors United ...You don't have to be rich, as long as you have potential...

A very brilliant Idea, aimed at helping broke men or young sponsors with ideas on how to tackle this new Sponsorship Crisis.
A great deal of men out there are suffering from depression, due to such issues, and I think sometimes, ladies are not fair to men. You can not expect your fellow student to afford all the luxuries you ask for sometimes, like cab money to and fro your home to the venue of your date. Five course meals, flights to Mombasa for a two weeks holiday and back enjoying the comfort at a five star hotel somewhere and  being woken up by the beautiful rays of the sun, all this is too much for that poor man back in school.
That's why, I have no issues with ladies who look for people who are able to cater for these without raising an eye, Go girl ! I respect people's hustles, but keep in mind that one day, your husband will grow old and turn to a sponsor, dishing out your life savings to every, Wambui, Mary and Akinyi.
I would have gotten one my self, but my conscience is too loud, can't let one think in peace.
Anyway, back to YSU, I don't wanna brag or anything, but  I thought you should know that I'm the official secretary to that Union and the official recruitment is on.If you think you have what it takes, you have to get in touch with the Chairperson and Secretary General, Chipukeezy and Jeff Mote respectively. Or me, Crique the  official union Secretary. (Ule wa taking minutes)

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Noreen Crique

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