Well, it has reached a point in time when Women and Children are no longer the endangered species but Men and men only, yes, you better believe me. I'm not very good at keeping stats so if you've been watching the News for the  past few years, you are at liberty to preach to me on Twitter @n_Crique about the cases on Husband Battering and Cutting off of their White Gold Factories.

If you are a man try putting yourself in this situation.
Meet someome who treats you soo well, you fall inlove, he proposes, you get bought to his family, as you are struggling to be fully accepted to his family, you give him children, Though you still go to work, but before that , every morning, you have to make sure that the Children are up and all clean for school, get back to the house in the evening cook for your family, do the dishes and laundry, help them with their homework. I mean, You barely have time for yourself because you took a vow at the altar.

Then imagine you are married to someone who's only work is to go to Work and control the TV, when he gets back to the House in the evening. 
It's not fair at all when that is all you get to do including passing by the local to have a cheap beer or two then You go to the house making a mountain off an Anthill.

Men! JEEZ! Give us a break, if I were the Bad type, trust me, I'd chop off everything to the last drop of blood, to the last slice of Flesh and bone. What maybe were you expecting? Trust me, I cannot do all the above mentioned things and stand aside watching you abuse me, beat me up, use me, cheat on me and fail to satisfy me, while you are busy sponsoring Someone's daughter, wait... What if it was your daughter, how would you feel seeing her on TV, caught pants down with someone's husband? I'm looking foward to the day these Violence cases will end, but trust me, they never will, if you keep seeing that woman in the
kitchen as an object instead of The Companion she rightfully is.

Let us not get things twisted because at this rate, women are going to be the heads of homes, and men will turn to stay-home-dads.
Let's not lose focus in life and forget our purpose.
Ya'al just need to man-up


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