Who Is King

What seemed to have ensued as a Small Lyrical beef has become the talk of the city and everyone seems to be a waiting for the crowning of the King of Hiphop in Kenya.

Now I will not lie to you that I am a Hip hop fan...noo. In fact anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Afro beats,some bit of Kapuka and Conscious music and so I really have no Idea about what this whole beef is about. Yesterday I was listening to a show by Adelle Onyango named #UrbanAfrica [you should listen in].It's a show that plays purely African Jams and Bamzigi was asked about "Who is King"

Well I can't remember his exact words but his answer got me thinking, is it really the Lyrics that make someone the King in this Hip hop world?It takes a whole lot for one to be at the Top of the food chain. My list is not Consensual but I think according to me, its not about the lyrics. .. Check out my list in order ...from the bottom


This guy fell off from the race before things heated up, a friend "Giddie" tells me he refused to take on the challenge citing that unless there is a prize, he won't participate.This is a cowardly decision. Who does that? A king would stay on course and at least let his Fans cheer on. "Baki hapo"


Dear brother, Noreen Crique loves your accent and fashion sense but nooo! I never hear anything in your jams ...All I hear is m-besha and rest in peace competition. I love singing along to jams and yours can't be an exception. It's all cool ,I understand you want to take Kenyan music far, but if Kenyans can't hear you, they can't appreciate that.


Boss, I've jammed to your songs from way back in the day and I have never skipped a lyric because I haven't heard it. You are a family guy... more reason why you are at number two on my list...not forgetting that Octo is a dad too . You are a believer and exceptional guy . Kind and warm , and your lyrics are relatable ...Big up man .Lakini shikilia number two kwa Leo. 

1.King Kaka

Your name says it all.I don't know Why I should justify your position, But lemme send a Shout out to your greatest Fans Noreen, Miss Sande, Getty,Tinnie and Verseman

I am not sure whether "mtu hivi hivi " Was Rabbit's first song but ever since, all his songs have been hit after hit.He makes me revisit my singing career every time he releases a song and makes me want to stop marketing mine and tweet about his instead. The other day He was performing at Nyayo Stadium,  I screamed my voice out just coz of the love.
His Lyrics are real, his style, his collabos are on point, his wardrobe is sharp and his smoulder is to die for.I sing along to all his jams and he is an amazing guy with the softest hands trust Me ;-).

So King Kaka remains my King in this whole debate

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