Salama By Gilad Lyrics

Yeah, yeah.
Maisha ni salama ,
It ain’t about his color or his race
Don’t need a label to describe his face,
Who says a white man can’t sing Swahili,
He’s black and white inside.
He knows he won’t forget Jerusalem,
Came searching for the promised land in Africa,
Be a humble man, he’s black and white inside.
Ishi na amani,
Maisha ni salama
Salama Yeah.
It ain’t about the color of his face,
Just another member of the human race.
Dont matter whether he does his thing,
He’s black and white inside.
It’s not important that he’s different from you,
Some call him white guy some call him mzungu.
You might say he’s an African man,
He’s black and white inside,
With love inside,
Black and white,
Living side by side,
Maisha ni salama yeah.
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