I swear, I didn't want to write about relationships but allow me ask you something, What comes to your head first when you hear the word love? Perhaps your crush or your Spouse, at times you reminisce the good times you had with your ex or think about a friends relationship that you most probably envy too much.

I have had very bad experiences in my former relationships that when I hear the word love, first reaction will be a Grin on my face then it will follow with a raise of my eyebrows. Love has not been fair to most people out there including me. We've cried rivers and used up a dozen of tissue boxes, we've added weight and lost it again, we've promised never to love again but ended up in the same pit over and over again. I won't even lie, I have had people in my life who took me for granted, I know you have too, I've also had people who made me feel like waking up one morning and walking Naked on Thika Super Highway.

In real sense that's the feeling love should give you. Love is such a free style thing that one is not supposed to strain a vein thinking about their Bae. Thinking of what to get them, thinking whether he or she will like your outfit or not. You shouldn't even stress yourself trying to figure out whether they'll be at dinner or not. If you love someone trust me you'll do anything just to be at your date. Excuses are for cowards. You can not stand up a person over and over again. Unless you are a passenger who keeps missing their flight which I find so dumb.

Back to our topic, I know people who were brought together with love, had fun times together, real love,  good sex and a healthy relationship all together, but today, they can't use the same corridor anywhere, they can even smell each other from Muindi Mbingu and Harambee Avenue respectively despite the distance. Yes love is a good thing but is it worth the hate we throw at each other when we break up?

People become enemies who cannot see eye to eye. Why can't people remain friends after breaking up, in the first place you were friends before you gave out your hearts. I won't lie to you that I'm friends with all my exes and it's not like it's a hundred or them or something but for the good of humanity, let's not forget so quick, let's embrace our memories and use out mistakes to make our future better.

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