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Ever felt #TheLiveEffect?

Okay, I've never really talked about music here, I'm so bent on wonder none of you asks me out, well relax I'm just a writer, not Dr.Li. Anyway Today let's go the music way Kidogo, a few weeks ago, I got a special invite from a special friend to a special event. I keep telling you that I know big people, and you always doubt me.

Moving on swiftly. I was invited to an event  dabbed #MzikiLive, first thing that came to my mind was "Fuuuun" because trust me the only way to get to my heart is through Live Music (pointer). I totally loose myself. I'd sing along to a totally new song like I wrote it . I'm using Irony to make you understand my love for Live Music, in fact Dear Future Husband, I want live music on our wedding day, and you better be a singer on that band. *winks* Jonathan from Music In Me.

I arrived at The Technical University of Kenya just a few minutes past one, this was the venue of the Event. I'd just come from a CAT that I still don't want to think about and all I wanted at this time was just to have fun. My first stop had to be the art exhibition table which included Dada Collections ,Kui designs Thogoto Arts and Tearsnlaughter , these guys have Amazing Art skills, from painting, to drawing, amazing Tapestry designs and hand made jewelery.

 The event started shortly after this and trust me the hosts Naomi and Leto had the best chemistry ever witnessed on stage. They delivered without disappointing, First on stage was "Music In Me" You need to see the energy in this guys. It's an all-boy-band of young handsome men from Utalii College. The song that did it for me was their version of 'Yahaya', which had some Spanish feel and my all time favorite jam from the Coca Cola Pop stars repping Kenya, Where did they go? I only see Sanaipei.

Music in Me performed about 3 jams and set the bar really high for other performers who had to meet this. Several other performances followed including;
Chiluba, this guy literally brought the house down,he is the official Choreographer for Sauti Sol and had an amazing Vocalist, her name is Ishi. 
If you hear this lady sing trust me you will bribe me to quit my singing career. Then the person behind his drums was a guy called Brian...He was remarkable, I wont forgive myself if I ever forget his name... his dancers, costume and Energy were out if this world.

Revolution, talk of conscious content, whaaat!!, these group of poets made me feel like talking to all the youth one after the other and remind them that the future is in our hands "eeh Mungu nguvu yetu" .
Tontenors made me feel like I was part of heavens glory, These three voices can make you commit suicide asking God why you were given a croacky voice. Though they should follow me back on Instagram.
Grace, she was seated right infront of me, lol I thought she's a fan just like me, who's there to enjoy live music me, till I saw her take the stage and sing Elani's 'Nikupe Maua'.

Cindy did a wonderful cover of Beka Dawn's 'Kutembea nawe' while
Vullati were exeptional with their version of Trap Queen.

Elfra on the other hand is my Spoken Word hero, every single word he mentioned made sense than it ever had since it's inception. 

Ken Mungai a great singer who also doubles up as an actor in one popular TV Series called 'Tahidi High' , did a tremendous job and literally carried the day. His popular jam "Vipi Msanii", had guys on their feet. The Rongai based singer got inspiration from a Matatu conducter who always checked up on him, he has amazing backup vocalists, I can only remember Emily since that's my sister's name, but they were both outstanding. 
Smak did a great rendition of Jailer and the Redemption song. That song makes me feel some type of way and the crowd was impressed and literally sang along.  Don't think I will end this article here without mentioning Omarii254... This guy did a certain Kisii song called "Ching'ombe Chachire" forgive me if I got the title wrong, but he inspired me a lot and even as I went home right after the Electric performance by Music in Me one last time, I'd already started writing a Luhya song in my head, to be dropped soon. Watch this space. I think the Government should invest more in Music, the youth have talent man.
#Theliveeffect was and still is an experience to be hold.
Stay tuned to this blog as I will update you on the next music events going down. 
Watch out for #MzikiLive next edition coming up in September. 

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