Who is to Blame for Babies born out of Wedlock?

Ever seen a lady carry a pregnancy for 9 whole months but with no man behind her.
Okay literally, no one takes her to the clinic for Antenatal visits, no one helps her up the stairs, no one carries her bag of groceries from the market. She's basically all alone through the whole pregnancy term. I'm saddened by this.
I know my Good Friend @MuneneTheBlogger told me to avoid bashing out men on my blog,  but can someone please explain to me why a person Would plant a seed and let it grow all alone. They don't watch over it during the germination and budding period, they don't water it, they don't even weed the seed.
I also don't understand why a woman would trust a dodgy man enough to the extent of having a child with him. But again, I blame the current generation because men lie in the name of love just to get laid, then dissappear after the beauty wilts away.

Young people believe that, the only way to get to each other's hearts is through their Pants. And a day into the relationship, I already know your performance in bed.
What happened to true love?
What happened to waiting till marriage? Okay relax I know 50% of you people, who read that marriage statement have raised an eyebrow. Okay if not marriage then at least wait one, two or three months into the relationship before you slide into each other.

That aside I wanted ask Who you think is responsible for Kids born before marriage. Stereotypically, we'll say it's the girl, right? Then follow up closely to support our statement by saying, she's a loose girl.
Such is life, but are we looking a the little possibilities that maybe this girl was raped, maybe she was drugged, maybe she was lied to, maybe they agreed on pulling out and the dude didn't, maybe he cheated and didn't use protection, or even maybe she didn't take her pill on time.

All these are different possibilities that have the same impact. It's sad enough that men take only 20% of the blame, while the women take the other 80% over something that they should share 50/50. I respect Men who take up responsibility of the kids they bore without even doubting the mothers, without thinking twice on whether or not to accept the pregnancy. I respect men who spend even an hour just with their kids, but what I respect most and undoubtedly is the courage in the women who carry the pregnancy to full term till it's due, I honor the calmness of women who stick with baby daddies who don't contribute even a cent or a second in the upbringing of their children.

Let's take up responsibilities that we put on our selves because trust me the seed you planted and refused to watch over, will one day grow into a huge tree with abundant fruits that will only be tall enough for the people who stood by it while it was a seedling.
I'm starting to sound like my Nigerian Elders. Bye...have fun.


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