I think everyone has the right to have a crush, build castles in the air, fall in love and get married then make kids of their own but on the other hand, people in some professions make it so hard for them to find love. Journalists, Politicians, Pastors and even Policemen . Since I have never had the chance to interact deeply with either of them, I chose not to write about them.

I love bloggers, I love reading articles on different topics by different bloggers from different parts of the World. They have different ways of writing but trust me they are all the same. Both ladies and Men alike and if you happen to be dating a blogger I'd advise you to always stay on their good side.

They are Very Open.

They are the most free willed and open people who you will ever come across. I mean they can not hold out any information on you if you are in a discussion or seeking advice on anything. Now this only proves to you how open they are on their articles. For example he writes about... " My Experience With An Old Lady"  You best believe that article especially if he came home the previous night claiming that he went to cover an Event and you also know that Nairobi was Flooding that Night so no event could have gone down as scheduled.

They Know Everything.

Especially Ladies, they know absolutely everything, and there is no day you will ever break news to them, unless it's about How Sanchez scored A goal with his Left foot and hands tied behind his back. They will never let you dominate in a discussion and anytime you bring up a story they will be ready to take over it.

They Are Vengeful.

Well, I haven't really proved the truth in this but I would do it. I might have been in a relationship with a person who's General game is below 5 and I put up with you coz of the love I had for you, then maybe one day you mess up and we break up, I would be quick to use your mishaps in advising other people.
Probably write about your bad and good moments, and tell people how they should avoid your likes.

Nothing Really Moves Them.

See how you are used to walk out on your Bae, fail to answer his/her calls or reply to their texts and then Get back to them after one week hug, kiss then go back to normal, well with Bloggers they won't try to stop you when you walk out, neither will they call or text you. Eventually You will feel guilty then go and apologize over being cheated on or something.
Political Bloggers will write a defamatory story on someone and risk their lives but you will never hear them fearing for their lives or their names.

They Never know what to settle for.

Well a good Example would be The City Girl or Njoki as you all know her. Writing articles and bursting all types of Men with facts that she is left with nothing in the basket to choose from.
Then Bloggers always have something to say over something or someone and most of the time, it's Negative comments.

...I wouldn't want to date a critic or a person who writes about everything that happens in our relationships like it's some Reality Show, my final thought is that Bloggers should date fellow bloggers or remain single.And with that I just have two more words to say;

Noreen Out!!

*Presses Enter Key*

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