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Ladies, Know Your Zone

I was doing dishes when this random thought came to my mind, some men have turned their relationships to Contracts, that may end at any time and that has to work under certain  terms and conditions.
For the ladies, they have deviced survival tactics that help them meet the harsh economic times we are facing as a country, Top of the Tactics is the "Zones" .
A lady can and will zone you with whatever you put to the table whenever you first meet.
Airtime Zone, Ride Zone, Date Zone, Mpesa Zone, Tickets Zone, Terrific Tuesday Zone , Fuck Zone ,Sponsor Zone among many others. And she will never ask for anything other than what she has zoned you in, but I can see men picking up this trend quite impressively, they also have zones for their ladies.
Mboch Zone (maid)
So my dear lady reading this, you are in a relationship with a man, and you suggest for a meeting or a date. Then he tells you to go over to his house to catch a movie, but since you love him and his your boyfriend, you don't find it bad a suggestion. So you go there, you get to the stage and call him to pick you up, he then tells you to go to the house and texts you the direction plus house number since he's busy in the house doing something that he can't leave unattended.
You then make your way there and knock on the door and a voice from inside tells you to go in the door is open. Now look at him, seated on his couch, watching a movie.
The same person who said he's busy in the house.
His house is up in shambles as if he was waiting for you, he does not even look up to say hello, with a light wave, he tucks his hands Back together and glues Back on his screen.
You try to make a conversation but he's too busy on the screen. Since leaving at this moment will look rude, you decide to at least help him spruce up the house since you are a nice lady brought up in the African Context of a responsible woman, you realize there is a hill of dirty utensils on his sink then you decide to wash them for him, as you go to the balcony to get rid of the rubbish, you meet dirty clothes and decide to wash for him . Now it's after 5 hours, you have done everything in his house and he hasn't moved an inch from his seat of comfort. You want to leave and all he says is, Bye. Thanks for coming, he doesn't even walk you to the door.
You are being carried kid (Unabebwa wana)
Date Zone
If you are placed here, then you are lucky, but that's all you get to do. You only get to go out with him and nothing else, maybe because you are beautiful and he likes showing you off to his friends and colleagues, he only appreciates your Beaty but not the woman in you.
After the event or the date, you will never hear from him unless he wants to inform you that there is another event coming up and he's an invitee who would like you to go with him.
Fuck Zone.
Lol, this one is common, even you can relate to this. The only time your "boyfriend" texts you is when he is horny and wants you to sext with him, or he invites you to his house just to get his desires quenched . He doesn't know anything else about you, try chatting with him when he's fine ,and all you get are Grey ticks or him faking to have slept while he kept posting stuff on Instagram and Twitter and was last seen at 4 Am in the morning. Snub him, block him, there are many men out there who appreciate different values in women that he looks down upon.
Please don't settle for just anything, if someone decides to date you, they should take the whole package, both men and women have their weaknesses and strengths and leaning on one only won't help a situation.
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