Since Obama Visited us last year, women have become empowered in all ways, Education, Internet, their rights and even dumping rights. Gone are the ill fated days when ladies had to be the victims In all break up issues and heart aches . I mean we, use to be the ones still longing for second chances and always wondering why there is a cold silence after things went down. I know you get what I mean . Well my dear men, it's now our turn, ever laid a lady and now you are wondering why You can not afford even one grey tick on WhatsApp, or why suddenly your calls don't go through her line,Brother you were blocked, a good one. Check out the reasons why you  fell into the blacklist;


Lol, if you have a dirty house ...and by dirty I mean, from your doorstep, pairs of socks,shoes all over and your clothes, this not only is disturbing but traumatic and it automatically puts someone off . A lady cannot think of going back to a stinky environment . So next time you are expecting a mama around, try and get all cleaned up. Take a good bath and use some Air wick to freshen up your Crib.


If you want to be in the good books of a woman, you have to be charming, that's a Requirement. I can't come to your place and all we talk about is the painting on your wall, cars and football, ladies like their gossip hot. I am not saying you should gossip... but head over to an Entertainment site, ie ( mpasho.co.ke) get hot news till your bait wonders. Try and be in the know. Like,what Shoe Vera Sidika rocked and maybe Why Betty left Okari.


Oh my dear men, my first time in your house should be a day to remember. I get to your house then ask for a glass of water and you direct me to the kitchen, this is a joke. It then gets to lunch time and you probably tell me to check out something in the fridge then warm it up with your lame excuse "we sio mgeni hapa "...as if we stay together.
Create an impression on this day ,pick a lady up, get to the house and give her options on drinks she would like to take (Usitaje kitu hauna) Order food if you can't cook,remember if you make a lady cook on the first day, that's disrespect (kwani you just got a new maid).Be hospitable so that she comes back.


Just like men get a bad wrap for disappearing but women do it too, women get a bad wrap for getting too clingy, but men do that as well. If it happens and she feels like you’re invading her personal space uninvited, she’ll be heading for the hills.


This lady is probably out dating different men and doing different things quite similar to what you  men are doing, so it's not a ladies fault if she meets someone who is cleaner, more informed, a gentleman and more hospitable than you . You will never hear from her if she finds a better person.


Last but not least ...size, size and size matters. If you are lucky enough to get  things going down, on the first day, you are lucky. In fact you have a +1 on your side. But a lady will never Come back if things don't fit right . Your Love Muscle could have been too large to take in or too small to even handle. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, simply disappearing on someone you have been dating is definitely not the right thing to do. It will leave them wondering and insecure. It brings their Ego to 5 from 10, but still men if you are hosting a guest, be organised. Get fancy wine, exotic food, fun conversations and an activity to keep you going.Thank me later.

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