The Gospel of Today

What exactly prompted me to post this?It has to be Mr Seed's post...come on Bahati and Willy Paul, are you going to make us do this all again, call the two of you immature?It's 2016 guys!!

I mean why,lie to us that the two of you reconciled yet bring this to the table barely a year later? Is this what you preach in your songs? You have amazing talent and good luck I must say, because your songs always get Airplay a minute after being released. Other gospel musicians have songs too but they don't get recognition like you...Willy Paul you are always in scandals as if you are in a competition with the entire #NairobiDiaries Cast.Mwezi hauwezi isha without your name on Blogs and Tabloids, you can quit The Gospel industry coz you are soo lost.

Bahati you are always complaining about Willy Paul, Either he stole your songs or he talked ill about you, I'm your great fan but I'm not in support of this. What's really happening to the two of you.

Mr Seed is right, some people need to grow up. Come on you have amazing Fans, Airplay and Friends. Just shush this whole #Gospelbeef .You are being bad examples to our children and young artists.


Bee mongina said…
They will never change..
they need mentorship , Proper from people who wont beat around the bush.

Shame in the gospel industry , nothing to do with God this days .
Gibons Miller said…
Enter your comment...its all about immatuarity.. The moment they will grow up that's when we can say willy n Bahati are doing real gospel...... But for now they doing it for Fame, Mulla & who is out doing the other

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